Arqaam Capital Virtual MENA Investors Conference 2020

Online, 23 - 26 November

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Arqaam Capital is pleased to invite you to its seventh and first digital Annual MENA Investor Conference. We will host senior management from publicly listed companies across the MENA region, offering investors virtual meetings with corporate C-level management in both 1x1 and small group meetings.

The majority of GCC countries are “early exiters” from lockdown, benefiting from having implemented strict containment measures, developed robust health care systems, and accelerated testing. Daily new and total active COVID-19 cases remain on a downward trend in most of the GCC countries, which is spurring a recovery in GCC equity markets. The MENA region’s weight in Emerging markets has increased, mostly thanks to increased foreign ownership limits, the phased inclusion of Saudi, the IPO of Aramco, and despite the deferred upgrade of Kuwait to November.

Nevertheless, the broader MENA economy should see a large contraction amid COVID-19 containment measures, while the GCC region is simultaneously hit by substantially lower average oil prices and production cuts of 10%, pushing fiscal deficits into high double digits.

Even though all countries have announced economic stimulus packages, the size of fiscal stimulus is relatively modest while governments are offsetting this by introducing new austerity measures. Saudi has cut spending by double-digits, suspended subsidies to citizens, and tripled VAT to 15%, while Bahrain and Oman have also followed suit with relegating spending.

Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan, and Egypt, on the other hand, are largely affected by a fall in net remittances and tourism. However, policymaking in Egypt remains constructive following cautious easing initiated by the CBE and a fiscal deficit that remains under control, further supported by the IMF. International humanitarian assistance provided to Lebanon is welcomed but is unlikely to resolve the economic crisis without tangible reforms.

We remain cautious about medium-term growth projects. That said, we see strong thematic stories worth playing in the region, such as the localization of agriculture and manufacturing, growing e-commerce, digitalization, greater 5G penetration, privatization in key sectors, enhanced insurance coverage, and modernization in institutional frameworks.

We hope that you will be able to join us and benefit from what is set to be a highly productive conference.

Radi El-Helw

President AGML

Wafic Nsouli

Head Capital Markets

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One-on-One / Small group meetings

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We will endeavour to arrange your preferred meetings where possible. Please indicate your meeting requests on this website.

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Conference Schedule

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Attending Companies

Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
Adnoc Distribution Petchems Mr. Athmane Benzerroug, Ms. Huda AbdulQader, Mr. Mohamed Al Hashimi, Mr. Yugesh Suneja, Mr. Mohammad Abbas
Agthia Consumer Ms Sahar Srour, MR Ammar Al Ghoul
Air Arabia Aviation Mr Housam Raydan
Al Rajhi Bank Financials Mr. Faisal Altimyat
Almarai Consumer Ikram Ulhaque, Mohammed Alkhaldi
Amanat  Healthcare Dr Mohamad Hamade, Mr. Amer Jeambey, Ms. Sara Shadid
ATAA Education Mr Osama Abdelbaky, Mr Adel Nader, Mr Ibraheem al turky
Bahri Logistics Mr. Omar Aldalaan, Mr Abdullah Aldubaikhi, Mr. Fayez Alasmari
Budget Consumer Dr. Ravish Talti, Mr. Imran Khan, Mr. Fawaz Danish
CARE Healthcare Mr. Jahanzeb Khan, Mr. Bashar Hamameh, Mr. Abdullah Ibrahim Alshetwi
CICH Financials MR. Tarek Tantawy, Mr Khaled Sadek, Mr. Adam Hammad
Cleopatra Hospitals Healthcare Mr Hassan Fikry
Commercial International Bank Financials Mrs. Yasmine Hemeda, Mrs. Nelly ElZeneiny
Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
Damac Properties Real Estate Mr Amr Aboushaban
Doha Bank Financials Mr. Hesham Kalla
Dubai Islamic Bank Financials Mrs Sana Shaukat Ali, Mr. Hashim M. Guinomla, Mr. Salman Liaqat, Mr Kashif Moosa
EFG Hermes Financials Ms. Hanzada Nessim
EK Holding Industrials Mr Haitham Moneim
ENBD Financials Mr Patrick Clerkin, mrs Najat Ahmed, Miss Zainab Zakir
Etisalat Group Telco Mr. Nazih El Hassanieh, Mr. Rami Al Banna
eXtra Consumer Mr Mohamed Abdelhamid
Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
Gulf Bank Financials Ms. Dalal Al-Dousari, Mr Youssef Dib, 👨‍💼 CFO Kevin Smith
IDH Healthcare Mrs Nancy Fahmy
IQCD Petchems Mr. Riaz-ur-Rehman Khan
Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
Jazeera Airways Aviation Mr Moustafa ElMaghraby
Juhayna Consumer Mr. Khaled Daader
Kuwait International Bank Financials Mr Ajai Thomas
Leejam Consumer Mr. Saud Alraggas, Mr. Justin Musgrove, Mr. Mohammed Merajuddin
Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
MASHREQ Financials Mr Thomas Jacob, Mr Ali Raza Khan
Mezzan Consumer Mr Fares Hammami, Mr Garry Walsh
Mobily Telco Mr. Mohammed Aljbali
NCLE Education Mr. Sami Al Owaini
Ooredoo Group Telco Mr Andreas Goldau
Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
QNNS Logistics Mr Sami Shtayyeh
RAKBANK Financials Ms Zeina Sammakieh, Mr Peter England
Rameda Healthcare Ms Yasmine Negm
Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
SABB Financials Sirish Patel, Faris Al Shareef
SADAFCO Consumer Fahim Hamdani
Saudi German Healthcare Mr. Madani Hozaien
Saudi Re Insurance Mr AHMAD ALDAHAM, Mr. Fadi Alqutub
Savola Consumer Mr. Mohammad Nasr, Mr. Hammam Bahareth
STC Kuwait Telco Mr. Wassim El Hayek, Miss Rola Hasan
Sulaiman Habib Healthcare Mr. Faisal Al-Nassar, Mr. Haitham Al Shathri
Talaat Mustafa Real Estate Mr. Jan Hasman
Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
Zain Group Telco Mr Aram Dehyan
Zain KSA Telco Ms. Tagreed Bahadeelah, Mr. Mehdi Khalfaoui