Arqaam Capital Virtual MENA Investors Conference 2022

Online, 16 - 18 May

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Arqaam Capital is pleased to invite you to its 9th Annual MENA Investor Conference. The event will be held virtually this year. We will host senior management from publicly listed companies across the MENA region, offering investors virtual meetings with corporate C-level management in both 1x1 and small group meetings.

Despite tightening monetary policies globally, we remain constructive on the outlook for GCC markets, as long as long-term global inflation expectations remain well-anchored and higher interest rates do not throw too much cold water on the global recovery.

Higher policy rates support the outlook for the GCC, given the high index weight of banks and the continued USD-pegs. The GCC also benefits from solid commodity and oil prices, continued inflows (mainly Qatar and Saudi Arabia) from passive index inflows, and re-opening as COVID peaks. Oil prices have surged as OPEC+ continues to gradually expand the oil output quota, with actual output below the target since the summer last year. However, governments remain prudent with their fiscal spending plans. Finally, we expect policymakers in Egypt to stay cautious, limiting the tail risks for this market.

In the medium term, the localization of agriculture and manufacturing, growing e-commerce, digitalization, greater 5G penetration, privatization in crucial sectors, enhanced insurance coverage, and modernization in institutional frameworks continue to support to the outlook.

We hope that you will join us and benefit from what is set to be a highly productive conference.

Wafic Nsouli

Head Capital Markets

How to register for the conference

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One-on-One / Small group meetings

We recognise that a key factor in your participation at our conference is the opportunity to meet with senior members of company management.

We will endeavour to arrange your preferred meetings where possible. Please indicate your meeting requests on this website.

We will update you on new Corporate registrations as they are received.

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Conference Schedule

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Attending Companies

Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) Utilities Mr. Shadi Salman, Mr. Steve Ridlington
ACWA Power Utilities Mr. Zameel Kasim, Mr. Ozgur Serin, Mr. Kashif Rana, Mr. Abdulhameed Al Muhaidib, Mr. Jihad Almohanna
AD Ports Logistics Mr. Ross Thompson
ADIB Financials Mr. Mohammed Abdelbary, Ms. Lamia Hariz, Mr. Mohamed Abdelbary
ADNOC Distribution Energy Mr. Athmane Benzerroug
Agthia Consumer Mr. Alan Smith, Mr. Ammar Al Ghoul, Mr. Mubarak Almansoori, Mrs. Sahar Srour
Al Rajhi Bank Financials Mr. Rayan Alshuaibi, Mr. Abdulrahman Alyami
Aldar Real Estate Miss. Samar Khan
Aldrees Petroleum & Transport Energy Mr. Rasmy Awad
Alinma Bank Financials Mr. Ahmed Osama Sager
Aluminium Bahrain Chemicals Miss. Eline Hilal, Mr. Satyan Laxman, Mr. Ahmed Salman
Amanat Healthcare Dr. Mohamad Hamade, Ms. Sara Shadid
Aramco Energy Mr. Kahlid Al Ahmed
Aramex Logistics Ms. Anca Cighi, Mr. Nicolas Sibuet
Ataa Education Dr. fahad Altuwaijry, Mr. Adel Nader, Mr. Osama Abdelbaky
CARE Healthcare Mr. Jahanzeb Khan, Mr. Naseer Ali, Mr. Adel Attallah Aljabarti
Catering Consumer Mrs. Najla AlHarbi, Mr. Wajdy AlGhabban, Mr. Mahmoud Masoud
CBQ Financials Mr. Zubair M Chaiwalla, Mr. Joseph Abraham, Mr. Rehan Khan, Mr. Parvez Khan
COMI Financials Ms. Yasmine Hemeda, Mr. Sherif Khalil, Ms. Mona Hosny, Mr. Omar Hussein, Mr. Hussein Abaza
Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
DFM Financials Mrs. Haneen Nashashibi, Mr. Ali Al Hashimi
DIB Financials Mr. Kashif Moosa, Mrs. Sana Shaukat Ali, Mr. John Macedo
DU Telco Mr. Eric chang
EFG Financials Miss. Hanzada Nessim
EK Holding Industrials Mr. Tarek Yehia, Mrs. Angie Helmi
Emaar Real Estate Mr. Abhay Singhvi, Mr. Sharath Balasubramaniam, Mr. Hesham Heikal, Mr. Krishnaprasad Karumudy
ENBD Financials Mr. Patrick Clerkin, Mrs. Najat Ahmed, Mr. Thanos Tsetsonis
Etisalat Telco Mr. Nazih El Hassanieh, Mr. Rami Al Banna
EXTRA Consumer Mr. Mohamed Abdelhamid
FAB Financials Mrs. Sofia ElBoury, Mr. Abhishek Kumat, Mr. Talha Sajid
FALEH Education Mr. Ashwini Kumar Darak
Fertiglobe Chemicals Ms. Rita Guindy, Mr. Haroon Rahmathulla, Mr. Andrew Tait
Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
GBK Financials Ms. Dalal Al-Dousari, Mr. Youssef Dib
Humansoft Education Mr. Anup Dhand, Mr. Baxi Mayank
IDH Healthcare Mrs. Nancy Fahmy
Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
Jarir Consumer Mr. Muhammad Alagil
Jazeera Airways Aviation Mr. Mostafa El-Maghraby
Leejam Consumer Mr. Saud Alraggas
Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
Malath Insurance Mr. Abdullah Y. Alhussaini
MASQ Financials Mr. Ali Raza Khan, Mr. Thomas K Jacob, Mr. Ali Zaigham Agha
Mobily Telco Mr. Mohammed Aljbali
MTIE Consumer Mr. Ashraf El Ghannam
NBK Financials Mr. Amir Hanna, Mr. Khaled Mahmoud Al-Beloushi
NCLE Education Mr. Mohammed Alkhudair, Mr. Abdullah Balsharaf, Mr. Mustafa Nasser
OCI Chemicals Mr. Hans Zayed
Ooredoo Group Telco Mr. Andreas Goldau
Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
QAMC & IQCD Chemicals Mr. Riaz Khan
QIIB Financials Mr. Hossam Khattab
QLMI Insurance Mr. Puneet Bakshi
QNB Financials Mr. Durraiz Khan
QNNS Logistics Mr. Sami Shtayyeh
RAK Ceramics Industrials Mr. Abdul Wahid, Ms. Nadine Nasr
Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
SABIC Petchems Ms. Emma Simo, Ms. Alanoud Abdulaziz Alghifaili, Mr. Iyad AlGarawi, Mr. Neeraj Kumar, Mr. Essam AlKurdi
Saudi German Healthcare Mr. Madani Hozaien, Mr. Tamer Nigm
Saudi National Bank Financials Mr. Faris Al Rammah
Saudi Re Insurance Mr. Ahmad Al-Daham
SEERA Consumer Mr. Muzzammil Ahussain, Ms. Minnat-Allah Hassan, Mr. Muhammad Khalid, Mr. Syed Azfar Shakeel
Sipchem Chemicals Mr. Rushdi AlDulaijan
SISCO Industrials Mr. Mohammed Mudarres, Mr. Mahmood Hussain, Mr. Hasan Al Tahat
STC Telco Mr. Turki Alashaikh, Ms. Sarah Alyemni, Mr. Abdulaziz A. Abanami
STC Solutions Telco Mr. Faisal F. Altimyat
The Saudi British Bank Financials Mr. Sirish PATEL
TMG Real Estate Mr. Jan Hasman
Company Name Sector Attendee(s)
Walaa Insurance Mr. Johnson Varughese
Zain Group Telco Mr. Aram Dehyan